I just listed a home that made me feel super emotional

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on May 18, 2020

I’ve shared the story before of how my family and I struggled in 2008 and 2009. I lost my job, my business, we lost our home, we had our car repossessed and so on…. We literally got to a point in which we only had $30 left and zero income coming in. We had no choice but to move in temporarily with my in-laws and then, in January of 2009, my 19 year old brother in law who had left home at 17 says that he is buying a house in Escondido for a tax write off (he was doing pretty darn good) and that if we wanted we could move in with him and he would only use one of the 3 bedrooms. My wife and I could have the master and and my 3 boys (3, 1, and a newborn) could share the other room. Needless to say, this was super kind of him and we will always be grateful. We lived in the home for 9 months. My son Andy learned how to walk and celebrated his 1st birthday there, we built a crappy treehouse in the back yard and we enjoyed the simplicity of it all. For me personally it was a home in which I was able to dig deep inside and learn more about me and about how I truly wanted to live my life. I worked on my physical and mental health and more than anything I enjoyed a TON of time with my babies. 
We were able to get back on our feet and move into a place of our own so that my brother in law could enjoy his home to himself. Since then, he has gotten married and built a family of his own and is now in the position to sell and move to another home. 
He has done such a good job with the home it’s amazing, It has everything you could want. 
When I was there to record the listing video I could not help but feel nostalgic. I asked him not to sell it, LOL (Not normal for a listing agent to say to his client) 
Whoever buys this home is going to feel 10+ years of good vibes that it has been built on, 
Who do you know that would be interested in buying it? (Maybe we can keep it in the “Family”) 

Recognize the front yard?
This is the home in which my boys built up their robust immune systems.

Check out the home here:

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