I Want To Be The Chewbacca To Your Han Solo.

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on August 16, 2018
Your Donkey to your Shreck, Your Robin to your Batman or your Tonto to your lone Ranger! Basically, I want you to count on me to be the best sidekick ever when it comes to doing anything in Real Estate!

Yesterday when we were doing our LIVE Facebook show of Booze over Real Estate  which we do every Tuesday at noon…. (You need to check it out.. It’s fun) Someone asked the question:

How do I position myself the best way possible as a 1st time home buyer to get the best deal?

Here is my answer… and this applies for any position you might be in, whether your a 1st time buyer, an experienced buyer or a seller: 

Answer: Align yourself with the right team.

It really is that simple! 

Ask yourself: Does the person I am considering have these qualities?

  • Do they listen to my questions and concerns?
  • Do they communicate with me often and clearly
  • Do they have the courage to fight on my behalf?
  • Do they genuinely care about me and my needs?
  • Will they sacrifice themselves if needed and hold my interests before their own?
  • Will they make it fun or will they cause additional stress? 
  • Will they work hard for me? 

These are all the same attributes that the best sidekicks in history have had! So again…. Can I be the Chewbacca (In my opinion the best sidekick ever) to your Han Solo? Or perhaps your Bubba to your Gump?? 

If you have the right sidekick, they will help you find the right tools, resources and information for you to “kill it” and get the best results possible in ANY endeavor. 

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