I Was Asked To Speak At A Real Estate Event And This What I’ll Be Sharing: (Hint: It’s Not Only For Real Estate)

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on November 16, 2018
I’m super excited to share with you that I was invited to speak at a Real Estate event in Ohio this week. Don’t worry, Brenda my assistant is holding down the fort while I return so all business will be tended to 100% 

I am actually typing this at the airport as I wait for my flight. 

It turns out that thanks to being a part of a super large Real Estate Facebook group and a few of those members following me on all my different social media platforms I have created a nice following in the east coast. They consistently hear me and read my posts about having a positive mindset no matter what the circumstances.  

I agreed to do the talk because I feel it’s super important not only for sales people but for everyone so I decided to share with you as well. 

If you know me personally, you know that I like to smile. (In fact it’s part of my brand) when I was a child kids made fun of me for being chubby and I usually laughed it off (or sometimes I kicked their ass & then I smiled) but then instead of calling me chubby they called me Sonrics a cartoon avatar or mascot for a candy company

This didn’t bother me and I went with it until I moved to the U.S. where my smile actually became the reason for my 1st fist fight in the new high school! This kid while playing soccer actually yelled at me and told me: “quítate esa sonrisa de pendejo” which translates to: “wipe that dumb ass smile from your face” …. I didn’t understand why it bothered him. I obviously didn’t stop smiling and in fact I laughed at him for even saying it and he proceeded to continue to call me names and come at me hard… anyway… Long story short we ended up fighting in the locker rooms, getting detention and basically not being able to cross paths for the next 4 years without looking at each other with anger. 

You know the saying: “misery loves company”? Well its true. 

I was very fortunate that I had a loving father and mother and it was natural for me to be grateful about the good things in my life so I could ignore the negativity.  As I grew older,  got into the business world and life in general all of a sudden the problems, the setbacks and the day to day stress caused me to have stupid thoughts like: “maybe I’m not good enough” or “maybe this isn’t meant for me” when you allow those thoughts into your subconscious,  negativity sets in and just as misery loves company, so do negative thoughts. 

There is a thing called RAS (reticular activating system) to explain it simply, it’s a way that your brain focuses on what you think about most. This is why things seem to go in either an upward or downward spiral. 

It’s like when you buy a particular car… all of a sudden they are all over the road! 

This is why its critical that you are vigilant to what you let into your thoughts. Find ways to make sure that positive thoughts come in and not negative ones. 

As a kid I didn’t understand the principles behind it, I simply applied a few of these things naturally maybe even as a defense mechanism because I always wanted to be happy no matter what. As I’ve grown older and read multiple books on the subject and attended countless seminars on self-improvement I’ve learned the actual mechanics on how this works and its freaking awesome!! 

Here it is nice and simple. 

There are 3 key elements that determine your state of mind: 

*Your focus (what you see and think)
*Your physiology (the way you move)
*Your vocabulary (the words you use) 

Your focus is directly related to what I just mentioned above. 

Your physiology is in my opinion the easiest and fastest way to change the way you feel. Try being sad while smiling even of it’s a fake smile. It’s weird and it might sound crazy, but it works..

Your vocabulary is probably the most important. There is a saying that says: words become thoughts and thoughts become things. Stop the negative talk to yourself, about yourself and about others. For example. My boys know that the 1 word that is totally forbidden in our home is “hate” it’s too powerful on the negative scale. 

The cool thing is that it’s easy to make sure all of these things are covered every day to make sure you have a positive mind and therefore a positive day and therefore a positive week and so on…. 

It’s called a good morning routine…. one that includes:

Gratitude (focus on the good) 
Affirmations (the use of positive words and positive self talk)
Exercise (movement that causes you to take deep breaths and straighten out) 

When it comes to exercise, it doesn’t have to be extreme or anything. It can be a simple 10 minute brisk walk in which you consciously make a point of standing straight chest out and proud and with a smile on your face. Trust me on this one… fake it till you make it. 

Please feel free contact me if you’d like to talk or learn more about this.. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this since it comes from the heart and it’s something that I’m very passionate about.

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