I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good! (Must Read.. Cool Story Bro)

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on August 16, 2018








Do you believe in luck? A super good friend of mine from when I used to sell cars used to always say this and we would always laugh about it because it was so true for both of us! We were always the top producers and everyone would say that it was just because we were lucky… I loved his answer because it was a perfect way to shut them up. I shared with my friend a quote that has been super hard for me to source but I believe its by Samuel Goldwyn… It says: “The Harder I work, the luckier I get” we both looked at each other in agreement because we knew it was true. Lately, I have had great “Luck” in my business. We were able to help one of clients buy a home for $45,000 BELOW appraised value! and then… just this weekend I was able to negotiate a deal on one of my listings after less than 24 hours of showings for more than $20,000 over list price! Even when other homes in the exact same complex have been on the market for up to 4 months! Now… I am not sure if its because of the countless hours that I invest into studying the market, the sales systems that I have put in place over the last 5 years based on trial and error or maybe it’s just because I really am lucky…. The great part about this is that things like this happen all the time. If it is that I am just lucky and I can rub off some of that luck on to my clients and help them get awesome results I am totally OK with that. Remember.. As soon as you come across anyone that is looking to buy or sell, shoot me over their info and let them know “lucky Pancho” will be calling them.


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