Le Parfait Paris

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on July 2, 2018

With 5 different locations in San Diego you have no excuse to ever wonder where to go for some delicious coffee, pastries and breakfast. We visited the Gaslamp location and we loved everything about it, from the moment you walk into the place you find yourself in a horrible dilema what the heck to try and if you are like me, suffer just a little bit…  I had to ask myself: “Why the heck did I start my diet today?” The answer would be, because I start my diet EVERY day!

There is a huge selection of macaroons, buttery croissants and cakes. The servers are really nice and accommodating,  we visited on a weekday, so we had no issue ig getting a table for 5 right away. The kids ordered hot chocolate and it was very good.

Their breakfast menu is not vey big, but the few selections are very well executed. We had the eggs benedict with Canadian bacon, the french toast and the croissant breakfast sandwich… Everything tasted great!

This place gets the #Pancho2thumbsup and I can’t wait to visit again.

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