Frankie Ortiz “El Mariachi del freeway 5”

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on July 2, 2018

If you find yourself in rush hour traffic on the 5 freeway in the Barrio Logan area you might be having feelings of frustration, desperation or even anger. Being stuck in traffic is never really fun, unless you look up at the passover and you see a guy wearing a suit, an American flag tie and a Mexican Sombrero dancing!

His name is Frankie Ortiz and in October 2017 as what he describes as something that started as an “experiment” he went up there and started to dance. he has been doing it ever since for a period of about 3 hours. Does he make any money? Nope! Does he ask for anything? Nope! He simply enjoys seeing people smile as they drive by.

I had the honor of spending an hour or so with him talking and getting to know him a little better. He was born in L.A. but has been living in San Diego since he was 2 years old so I think he has a good grasp on our laid back attitudes.

If you find it hard to understand why he does it, don’t take mine or his word for it. Go visit him and start dancing. He loves it when people visit and join him. I have joined him a couple of times and I have to say, It is way better than you would expect. When you see all of the awesome San Digo commuters honking smiling and waving it is super rewarding!

Sometimes we make things so overly complicated when in reality all you need is to see things from a different perspective and go for a little dance!

I apologize for the poor sound quality of the video, but the message is a good one!

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