It’s My Birthday and I want to be selfish,

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on July 8, 2019

Today is my birthday and it’s also basically the exact middle point of the year. This for me is an important time of reflection.

I like sitting down and writing down my dreams and goals. I like to look at every aspect of my life…. My health, my relationships, my business, my finances and my overall happiness.

I have never been one to ask for much on my birthday… In fact, most of the time, As long as I just get a hug from those closest to me and maybe a nice note I am thrilled.

Today however, I do want to be a little selfish and ask you for a gift. I would like to ask you that you help me reach my goal for my real estate business! I am only 46 deals away and I have 6 months to pull it off.

I ask that you really make an effort and think of anyone that you know that is interested in buying or selling real estate.

I ask that you really make an effort in shooting me a quick text or call me to let me know who it is and get their name and number so that I can reach out.

I know that many of you are always trying to help me out and I am super grateful. Unfortunately, when you give people my info, they rarely call. Maybe they feel a little uncomfortable or something like that and that is why I ask that the moment you hear of a friend or family member wanting to move, that you tell them that you will be sending me their info and I will be calling.

You know that you can count on me to treat them with the utmost respect and make sure that they will be grateful with you as well for the recommendation.

Thank you for being a part of my life and thank you in advance for all the support!

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