This was a BIG win! (Home sold)

Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez
Published on November 20, 2019
2325 Hummingbird CHULA VISTA, CA 91915

The owners of this home were referred to me by 2 really good friends of mine. Whenever I get a referral I don’t take the responsibility lightly and I know that it is my opportunity to gain more trust or lose it. It always helps when the client that was referred to you trusts in your judgment and we work well together. In this case, they needed to sell fast, but without sacrificing the value of the home. I recommended changing some of the carpets, painting certain areas, we had the home professionally staged and cleaned up the landscaping. Obviously my team helped coordinate everything. We took professional video, photos, marketed aggressively by door-knocking the neighborhood and running ads on social media and after a couple of very successful open houses we were able to generate multiple offers and get into escrow much higher than the comps in the area.

Since we were concerned that the appraisal might come in low, we negotiated up front that the buyer agree to cover the difference of a low appraisal up to $5,000 and wouldn’t you know it… the appraisal in fact came in low and we had to use those funds. During escrow, the buyers requested approximately $10,000 worth of repairs mainly due to bad windows. Instead of having our client pay for that, we were able to contact the window company and ensure that they would fix the windows under warranty and the sellers had to pay ZERO in repairs.

I don’t share this with you to impress you but instead to impress upon you that there is a HUGE difference from one agent and another. I am comfortable in saying that the vast majority of agents would not have the knowledge, the systems and the ability to negotiate these terms.

I ask you that you please take note of this and the next time you are planning on moving or know of someone that is thinking of moving that you please send me their information so that I can also help them achieve results like these.

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